The Hidden True Cause of Scalp Psoriasis

The Hidden True Cause of Scalp Psoriasis

The Hidden True Cause of Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a disease that creates patches of red, flaky skin on a sufferer’s scalp. Your doctor may not have told you this, but do you know the true cause of scalp psoriasis?Trying to cure scalp psoriasis the doctor’s way is like trying to hunt for deer with your eyes closed. And yea, there’s no deer in the place you’re at either. To bring this more into perspective allow me to explain why everything your doctor or dermatologist have told you is a load of garbage. Now, I’m not a medical doctor and I don’t ever want to be, but I know enough about today’s medical system to know that not everything can be cured with a pill and some lotion and cream.And what I mean by that is, often times doctors don’t target the true problem (or the root of the problem) but instead just fiddle around with the sypmtoms. I understand that suppressing those symptoms is important – who wants to walk around with a head full of scales, flakes, and redness – but when you go to the doctor’s office and you say “I’m really suffering from this, is there anything I can do to get rid of scalp psoriasis” and he prescribes you some “skin products” you know that doctor isn’t there to help you cure the problem.

DING! Your gas light just went off. Being a doctor in today’s world, I prescribe you this: unplug the gas light and your problem is solved! The problem isn’t there, is it? I mean, I just fixed my gas problem. Now I’ll never have to get any more gas. Luckily for you, symptoms are like those gas lights: they give you a warning. If you do not tackle the true root of the problem (which often times a simple diet change can fix) then at some point your car will stop and you will realize that turning off the gas light doesn’t work any longer – now you’re dealing with a much bigger problem.

What’s worse is that they will tell you dead in the face that “diet has no impact on it”. If you think so, try eating a ton of dairy products, refined sugars, and 10 beers. Your head will explode with the amount of psoriasis you’ll get. Go ahead, down 3 glasses of milk and prove your doctor wrong.

Now let me expand a little bit on the true cause of scalp psoriasis. Despite what your doctor tells you, it’s not “stress”. There’s a difference between the “root cause” of the problem and the “aggrevators” of the problem. Stress is an aggrevator, it’s not a cause.

Scalp psoriasis is caused by histamine, a compound released by your immune system in order to identify and battle “unknown” chemicals in your bloodstream. Histamine has been linked to nasal problems, headaches, and of course, skin problems.

We have now identified a partial cause. But where do these chemicals come from? The one most important aspect of your body: the gastrointestinal tract. Somewhere along the walls of the GI tract is some unhealthy tissue that swells or inflames when it gets in contact with certain foods. That produces an allergic reaction and holes appear alongside your GI tract as a result of it. Some undigested food leaks into your bloodstream through those holes and your body sends an immediate response by releasing histamine.

The root of your problem isn’t stress. It’s not skin problems. Scalp psoriasis is a “visible result” of the reaction that occurs because of what is called the leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome has been linked to many health problems among which eczema and psoriasis are present. Now that you know that food has everything to do with it, you need a real scalp psoriasis treatment that works.