Kukui Nut Oil Benefits – Acne – Wrinkles – Eczema – Psoriasis – Dry Skin – Sunburn Relief

Kukui Nut Oil Benefits – Acne – Wrinkles – Eczema – Psoriasis – Dry Skin – Sunburn Relief

Hawaiians have traditionally used kukui nut oil for generations in Traditional Hawaiian Healing, even today kukui nut oil is a big part of Hawaiian culture. Kuku nut oil was used for it’s natural healing benefits. With the ability to deeply penetrate the skin while allowing the skin to breathe naturally. It doesn’t block the pores and retains moisture while naturally protecting from the harsh elements.

“Kukui Nut Oil is Mother Natures Sacred Gift!”

Kukui Nut Oil BenefitsKukui nut oil is a natural oil like rosehip oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil. Rich with vitamin A, E, omega 9, omega 6 and omega 3. Kukui nut oil is full of the antioxidants.

Over the history of kukui nut oil use on the islands, it has been shown to also benefit people with skin conditions like; eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, damaged skin, acne, sensitive skin and babies skin.

“Kukui Nut Oil Benefits for Women and Wrinkles!”

Hawaiian women have been using kukui nut oil since their arrival on the islands. Kukui nut oil was traditionally used for sunburn, windburn and dry skin. Kukui nut oil seemed to also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun damaged skin naturally. Not to mention the great tan they would get while using kukui nut oil after a long day at the beach. Kukui nut oil can benefit the entire surface of the body from nose to toes, hair and nails. It makes a great massage oil and is spa quality (if from a reputable supplier). Once primarily used by royalty only, today it is available to all women world wide in kukui nut Oil natural soaps, body washes, body oil, lip balm and just good old fashion Kukui Nut Oil.

“Kukui Nut Oil Benefits for Men and Hair Growth!”

Kukui nut oil is not just for the ladies, men who work or sport outside greatly benefit as well. From sports to work it allows the skin to breathe which keeps the body cooler and allows you to sweat properly without irritating and clogging the pores. Sweating out toxins is very important. Studies have linked clogged pores with a large range of health problems that only start in the skin but spread to the rest of the body.

“Kukui Nut Oil – Used for Acne in Hawaii for Generations!”

Kukui nut oil has been used for centuries in Hawaii to help with acne. It also helps reduce the appearance of scars associated from acne outbreaks with the power house of vitamins found in the oil.

“Kukui Nut Oil Benefits Everyone Worldwide!”

Online testimonials from people in the UK say it also helps against hard winter elements where the wind is dry and ice cold and causes chapped lips and skin. From people who surf to people who ski, from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the sea. No matter what elements Mother Nature throws at your skin, lips and hair, Kukui Nut Oil is an all natural product with a rich history of benefits.


Kukui Nut Oil has been used safely for thousands of years, however, before using kukui nut oil, people with nut allergies should consult a physician. Any oil can stimulate a harmful reaction if not used properly; carrier oils that dilute the essential oil are often recommended for use. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to treat or cure an illness. Always seek your family practitioner before use if you have an advanced skin disease.

Kukui Nut Oil only has an approximate shelf life of 12 months. Only purchase from a reputable company that makes their products with fresh Kukui Nut Oil. The North Shore Soap Factory on North Shore Oahu Hawaii has been a reputable supplier for over 10 years. This small family run company makes Kukui Nut Oil products right in front of their customers at the North Shore Soap Factory.